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Welcome to Euracare Nigeria

To provide world-class medical services to patients without the stress and expense of international travel. To offer corporate companies and insurers efficient healthcare solutions for their employees and customers. To make available to physicians a technologically advanced and optimized work platform.

Overall Hospital Average Score: 4,26
85,11% (4.26 out of 5) ★★★★☆

S/N IndicatorTargetMay 2024Jun 2024Jul 2024
1Surgical site infection (SSI) rate≤ 2%0%  
2CAUTI rate per 1000 device days (all inpatients)Lower is better0%  
3CLABSI rate per 1000 central line-days (all inpatients)Lower is better0  
4Patient fall rate0%0%  
5Rate of hospital acquired or worsening pressure ulcers (Stage II and above) per 1000 patient daysLower is better0  
6Number of re-admissions for re-operation within 30 daysNever0  
7Number of PCI cases re-admitted for repeat PCI within 30 daysNever0  
8Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia rates≤ 2%0  
 VerdictThere was no infection for May

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